Japanese Turnip Time

It’s Japanese Turnip Time! I’m harvesting my crop of delicious, spicy Kabu (i.e. Japanese turnips) this week and I’ll be doing something new with them each day.

Monday: Nibbling them raw (not too many as they’re kind of intense)

Tuesday: Pickling them

Wednesday: Roasting them

Thursday & Friday: TBD…but I’m sure it will be something good. Or a reprise of No. 3 if I’m strapped for time.

I’ve planted a variety called “Hinoa Kabu,” which I also grew last year. Gourmetseed.com (where I bought my seeds) describes it as an…

[U]nusual and famous Japanese turnip with 1.5 to 2″ diameter roots up to 14″ in length with a purple/red shoulder. These turnips are popularly known for making sakura zuke cherry pickle because of their cherry blossom color. They are also excellent for cooking and the greens may be used for their colorful and tasty character. More


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