Where the @#$% are my tomatoes?!

We’ve been together for months now. I nurtured them from tiny seeds in the dead of winter. Then I lovingly planted them in the best soil I could find, in the sunniest spot in my garden. I tickle them every day. They are over 5′ tall…

Why aren’t they making tomatoes?!?

I have a few little Chadwick Cherries on one plant, but on the rest it’s just a bunch of dried up old blossoms. I am so disappointed. I’ve been reading online about “blossom drop,” but I really don’t understand the causes. It seems like anything could be a cause: too much/not enough water, heat, fertilizer, etc.


6 responses to “Where the @#$% are my tomatoes?!

  1. Hi there, your tomato plants look amazing. Perhaps they have been given fertilizer containing too much nitrogen. Try giving them a dose of potash once a fortnight for potassium to help produce more flowers/fruit rather than all that beautiful foliage they have. Good luck with them.

    • Hmmm…potash. I had to look that up. I was hoping they would just sense my disappointment telepathically and start growing, but I see now a real solution is needed. I haven’t ever fertilized them so its likely its the potassium that they need…I’ll definitely try the potash!

      Thank you so much for the tip and tomato compliment!

  2. my tomatoes are having the same issue! I guess I’ll try fertilizing them as well since I haven’t in the past. Side bar: I am so happy to have found your blog! I am a gardener in Ridgewood too!

    • Hey thanks for your note! It’s good to know I’m not alone – maybe there is something in the air here in Ridgewood. At Platz’s they told me it could be due to the lack of bees. I still need to pick up some fertilizer – am hoping that will help a bit. At least the plants are nice to look at 🙂

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