Garden Snails

Helix aspersa There is rain this morning, so no gardening chores. It is, however, perfect weather for snail watching. Ever since we moved here, I have been enchanted with these little creatures, who despite their penchant for my cabbage and kale, are wonderful to look at and photograph.

Helix aspersa
From what I can gather, the snails in my garden are Helix aspersa, the European garden snail, which is native to the shores of the Mediterranean and can now be found practically all over the world.

Helix aspersa
As soon as the ground gets wet, they crawl out from under the blanket of ivy in the back of our yard. They are particularly fond of attaching themselves to the fig tree.

Helix aspersa
Thankfully, the raised beds make for a slow, steep climb that most snails are inclined to avoid — although I did catch one ambitious adventurer inches away from my spinach this morning.

As much as they are cute, they have also piqued my appetite. Here is a tasty recipe for Escargots au beurre d’ail made with garden snails. Before cooking, it says you have to clean out their digestive tracks by fasting them for a few days, which kind of gives me pause…but I’m also really curious to give it a try.


One response to “Garden Snails

  1. Ewww. I add all snails to the outdoor compost bin.


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