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March 25: Radishes, Carrots, Kale and More

Carrots and peas sowed on March 14 are starting to sprout. So is the Humming Bird Wild Flower Mix I tossed around the flower borders.

Sowed radishes, carrots, cabbage, arugula, kale, peas and bush beans (might be a little early for the beans, but it’s been so warm lately!).  Here’s the full list: 

Planter #1
Radishes – French Breakfast (18)
Beans – Green Bush (9)
Peas – Tall Telephone (3)
Carrots – Cosmic Purple (8), Little Finger (8), Danvers (8), Atomic Red (8)

Planter #5
Kale – Tuscan (12)
Arugula (Two 1-foot squares)
Rocky Top Lettuce Mix (Two 1-foot squares)
Cabbage – Savory (8)


March 19: New Sprouts!

We’re back from Santa Fe. The daffodils are looking great.

And the tomatoes and peppers have sprouted!

March 14: Peas and Carrots

So much to do. The winter that wasn’t is finally gone. It’s been really warm this week – the crocuses and daffodils are bursting to life. Some of the kale and cabbage I panted last November is STILL growing, but they’re covered in aphids which I can’t seem to get rid of (even after spraying them with a ginger/soap solution) so I yanked the plants out right after I took this photo.

Then I sowed a few seeds outdoors – carrots, peas and more kale and cabbage – and planted my tomatoes and peppers under grow lights in the basement.  Last year I started those March 1st, but I think it may have been too early. I had to re-pot them twice before I planted them in the ground, and I don’t think the extra head start made much of a difference.

Planter #1
Carrots –  Cosmic Purple (8), Little Finger (8), Atomic Red (8), Danvers (8)
Peas –  Tall Telephone (3)

Planter #5
Kale –  Tuscan (6)
Cabbage –  Savoy (3)

Two Five-Gallon Containers
Lettuce Assorted (Rocky Mt. Mix)
Lettuce Assorted (Rocky Mt. Mix)

Inside (Grow Lights)
Tomatoes –  Carbon (6), San Marzano (6), Ananas Noire (6), Black Elephant (6), Chadwick Cherry (6)
Peppers –  Spanish Mammoth (6), Italian Pepperoncini (6), Long Thin Cayenne (6), Red Mini Bell (6)

I’m Back!

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Yes! In fact, it is. As it turns out, a Word Press blog doesn’t evaporate into Internet ether after you abandon it. Instead, it languishes in web purgatory as a haunting, sometimes embarrassing, reminder of your once earnest effort to fashion something meaningful out of your life. Who knew?

So where were we? Oh yeah, it was July 2011 and a feral cat died in my garden and I had to scoop it out with a shovel and stuff it in a plastic bag all by myself. Then I got side tracked, and while my garden continued to flourish, my garden blog took a turn for the worse.

But now I’m back On Linden Hill…and so excited to get started again. There’s so much to keep track of, I thought I’d resurrect this blog as a convenient way to organize my planning and plantings.

Stay tuned for more updates to come.