March 14: Peas and Carrots

So much to do. The winter that wasn’t is finally gone. It’s been really warm this week – the crocuses and daffodils are bursting to life. Some of the kale and cabbage I panted last November is STILL growing, but they’re covered in aphids which I can’t seem to get rid of (even after spraying them with a ginger/soap solution) so I yanked the plants out right after I took this photo.

Then I sowed a few seeds outdoors – carrots, peas and more kale and cabbage – and planted my tomatoes and peppers under grow lights in the basement.  Last year I started those March 1st, but I think it may have been too early. I had to re-pot them twice before I planted them in the ground, and I don’t think the extra head start made much of a difference.

Planter #1
Carrots –  Cosmic Purple (8), Little Finger (8), Atomic Red (8), Danvers (8)
Peas –  Tall Telephone (3)

Planter #5
Kale –  Tuscan (6)
Cabbage –  Savoy (3)

Two Five-Gallon Containers
Lettuce Assorted (Rocky Mt. Mix)
Lettuce Assorted (Rocky Mt. Mix)

Inside (Grow Lights)
Tomatoes –  Carbon (6), San Marzano (6), Ananas Noire (6), Black Elephant (6), Chadwick Cherry (6)
Peppers –  Spanish Mammoth (6), Italian Pepperoncini (6), Long Thin Cayenne (6), Red Mini Bell (6)


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