March 25: Radishes, Carrots, Kale and More

Carrots and peas sowed on March 14 are starting to sprout. So is the Humming Bird Wild Flower Mix I tossed around the flower borders.

Sowed radishes, carrots, cabbage, arugula, kale, peas and bush beans (might be a little early for the beans, but it’s been so warm lately!).  Here’s the full list: 

Planter #1
Radishes – French Breakfast (18)
Beans – Green Bush (9)
Peas – Tall Telephone (3)
Carrots – Cosmic Purple (8), Little Finger (8), Danvers (8), Atomic Red (8)

Planter #5
Kale – Tuscan (12)
Arugula (Two 1-foot squares)
Rocky Top Lettuce Mix (Two 1-foot squares)
Cabbage – Savory (8)


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