April 4: Firing Up the Composter

I brought my composter out of the basement and out into the yard sometime last October to give it a good clean. And then…I forgot about it. Winter rolled in, the worms disappeared, and it kind of just sat there, in a corner, neglected.

But now that I’ve caught the gardening bug again, it’s time to fire that composter back up. My plants LOVED the nutrient-filled worm castings last summer, and I don’t want to go without them again. We don’t have the space for a traditional composting heap, so this vermicompost box my sister gave me is a great way to enrich my soil.

Today I opened up the box and caught sight of a couple of little worms–hanger-ons who made it through our mild winter. I’ve ordered more Red Wigglers (one of the best composting worms) from Uncle Jim’s  and added a yummy “salad” for the little wormies I still have from last year to munch on until their new friends arrived.


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