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April 1: Cucumbers & Compost

Mixed some fresh composed into Planters #2, 3 and 4 (a blend of mushroom, shrimp, cow and forest). Finally potted the herbs I picked up at King’s County last week (basil, cilantro, rosemary and lavender).

Peas and carrots sowed on March 14 are coming along. I almost gave up hope on the kale and cabbage I started that day, but they’ve finally started to peak out from the soil.

And a few of the French Breakfast radish seeds I dropped in on March 25 are coming up.

The indoor tomatoes and peppers are doing well. I started some cucumbers inside, too.

Cucumbers – Parisian Pickling  (5)
Lavender – Fern Lavender (5)

There’s lots to do this week. I’m want to order some Bacsac planters to put peppers, herbs and a few other things that won’t fit in my 5 in-ground planters. They’re kind of pricey though. I’m behind on the beets and the parsnips, but hope to get them in the ground in the next few days.


March 19: New Sprouts!

We’re back from Santa Fe. The daffodils are looking great.

And the tomatoes and peppers have sprouted!

Happy 4th!

Rooftop Fireworks Ridgewood Queens View from our roof…

Ridgewood Queens Rooftop View


Harry - my Harvest Helper - with Letuce and Turnips I am finding it a little difficult to keep up with all of my chores these days…if only I could quit my job and become a full-time gardener. Regular maintenance is fine, but I have some major projects that keep getting sidelined (still working on those trellises!), and getting out the door by 7 and home again at 8 or 9 has cut my garden time down to a precious 15-30 minutes a day.

LettucesOur harvests, however, have been really great. With so much arugula, lettuce and kale, I haven’t had to buy any vegetables in a little over three weeks.

Strawberries and Cayenne Peppers
The strawberries have been – I admit – a little puny and tart. But I grew them, so they still make me proud. The cayenne peppers are nice to mix into my breakfast egg tacos. I pick some green and let the rest mature to red.

Japanese Turnips
My first crop of Japanese turnips.

Japanese Turnip Pickles
I made them into refrigerator pickles.

The arugula has started to bolt, so we’ve been gobbling it up before it becomes inedible. Salads every day this week…