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Welcome to my Garden Blog

Ridgewood, Queens   Ridgewood Row house    Last Year's Garden    Last Year's Garden    Peppers and Swiss Chard   Bell Peppers
Wild Purslane    Sad Pumpkins   Ridgewood, Queens   Ridgewood, Queens   Ridgewood, Queens  Ridgewood, Queens

Garden 2010, a set on Flickr.

Hello! I live in Ridgewood, Queens with my boyfriend and two affenpinschers. We moved into a 1908 brick row house down the street from the Linden Hill cemetery a little over a year ago. I started my first garden last summer, and this year I thought I would document Garden 2.0 with a blog – from start to finish, sow to harvest.

The thumbnails link to my garden from last year, which my boyfriend described as “Swiss Family Robinson.” Admittedly, I was kind of miserly when it came to investing in materials and supplies. I opted for unraised garden beds and created borders out of twine and sticks that I found in the yard. Then I threw some seeds around Johnny Appleseed-style and hoped for the best.

Things turned out pretty decent: We had lots of peppers, radishes, arugula and Swiss chard. The kale, carrots and beets did ok, but my zucchinis were decimated by ants. The parsnips never sprouted (maybe it was too hot?) and the pumpkins were a bust (I started them way too late).  My tomatoes were the surprise hit of the summer. When I thought I had lost them to blight, I cut the plants down to a few inches high, and they sprouted right back up and rallied from September to late October.

I’m the type of person who likes to dive right into things without planning, but if I learned anything from last summer it was that a little planing goes a long way when it comes to planting a garden. So this year I am taking it slow and steady, doing my best to follow tips and advice I find online and in books, and mapping things out well in advance. I look forward to sharing the results!